CONURMA & PARTNER, is a Grupo Conurma’s  company which operates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and specializes in the fields of Civil Engineering, Urban Planning, Architecture, Environment, and Specialized Services Consulting and Project Management.

Over 20 years of experience, Grupo Conurma and with the support of Saudi partners and professionals, CONURMA & PARTNER combines the extensive experience of Grupo Conurma, with a deep knowledge of the ancient culture and techniques usually employed and possible agents involved in the development of projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This combination of skills and mutual knowledge transfer will let CONURMA & PARTNER to develop new projects successfully, providing innovative and sustainable solutions that result in improved environment where the activities are developed and, therefore, improvement life quality of the citizens who live there.

CONURMA & PARTNER’s headquarters are in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in the city of Al-Khobar. This strategic location allows our company to develop projects, both in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and other Gulf countries.